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self catering for twelve people

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Cottages sleep 12
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sleep 12

sleep 12

Self catering for twelve people


The big advantages of renting self catering accommodation over a hotel or B&B where guests are catered for is that:

members of the group do their own cateringSelf catering is a holiday on a low budget - everyone helps to prepare meals and do the washing up in your own kitchen.

Food and drink is bought in by the group making it available to all members. Instead of paying £7.50 upwards for breakfast per person, the costs are much reduced.

Walkers and people going out sightseeing are able to make their own packed lunches to save money on eating out and everyone can enjoy hot chocolate or their favourite bedtime drink without spending a fortune.

There are facilities for laundry such as a washing machine and dryer which can be invaluable if walkers or children are part of the group.

The accommodation is private with no staff or outsiders interfering in the business or dynamics of the group.

People in the group are able to make their own entertainment.

Most large houses have a BBQ in the garden to provide the option of relaxed cooking and a party atmosphere in the garden.

  1. Take a look at large houses sleeping 12 or more with a barbecue.


One alternative open to larger groups is to rent an entire small cottage complex with its associated facilities, such as a swimming pool or hot tub, solely for the use of the group or take a look at large self catering country houses that come in a variety of sizes and generally sleep 12 upwards. A list of self-catering accommodation in various sizes is available.



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