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sleep 12

sleep 12

Pet-friendly cottages sleep 12 minimum


Group functions in self catering cottages usually result in someone asking if they can bring their dog. In terms of the group, it is best to check whether anyone has any allergies to pets first before booking a pet friendly cottage. One person's dream holiday could be another's nightmare if they spend the entire time wheezing or require a spell in hospital.

There are lots pet friendly cottages available for big groups, the following link will display large pets welcome cottages for 12 people and above:


The other aspect of renting dog friendly cottages for a group is to get whoever is bringing their dog to agree to house rules. Many holiday cottages have a rule of no dogs in bedrooms. If you are the group organiser, it will be your responsibility to make sure that the dog owner adheres to that, otherwise you may incur penalties taken from your damage deposit to cover a deep clean of the affected bedroom.

For people who are fond of dogs, it's a pleasant thing to have a dog around, to pat, to talk for walks. It can add to your holiday as long as everyone else in your party agrees.


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