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sleep 12

sleep 12

Cottages with a barbecue sleep 12


A barbecue on holiday brings out the cook in man. The thought of juicy steaks sizzling on a grill inspires modern man to don an apron and set about preparing meals that he would not even consider inside a kitchen. Men have even been known to squabble about who will be responsible for the cooking. Mind you, there is no change when it comes to the clearing up and dish washing.

A holiday cottage with a barbecue is very nice to have on holiday when the sun is shining and people want to sit outside. A covered barbecue area such as the one shown on the left means that the barbecue can be used whatever the weather, all year round. This type of barbecue area or communal barbecues tend to found in self catering holiday parks or on small cottage complexes.


Self catering cottages and barbecues

Self catering means that holidaymakers provide all their own meals so barbecuing is a nice informal way of doing that. A self catering cottage holiday is a fully functional holiday home that is yours to use in its entirety for the rental period. families like self catering because it is an economical way of taking the kids on holiday, Cheap holidays in catered for accommodation tend to work out much more expensive than envisaged when all the extras are added up. Children are forever wanting drinks, sweets, biscuits and nibbles. Self catering cottage holidays mean that costs can be similar to those incurred at home plus the accommodation.


No doubt there will be days out and some meals out but self catering really helps to reduce the expense. Another good thing about a barbecue is that everyone can take an interest in their burger, sausages or kebabs as they cook and can help turn them and any spills of ketchup, juice or other foods are safely dealt with in the garden.

Much more fun on holiday with a BBQ

Booking a holiday home that has its own BBQ adds another dimension of fun to any stay away from home. Not everyone will have the space for a barbecue in their own home, especially not if they live in an apartment. It can be enjoyable to do something different on holiday that you would not do at home.



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