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sleep 12

sleep 12

Cottages for 12 with a swimming pool


A carefree swim on holiday is a sure fire way to help to relax. It is even better if you can lounge by the pool and sunbathe.

There are holiday cottages with outdoor swimming pools, both heated and unheated and cottages with indoor pool. One has to be brave to be able to use an outdoor unheated swimming pool, even at the height of summer in Britain, but it could be a refreshing experience abroad.



A private swimming pool, shielded from public eyes is a very nice amenity to have on holiday. You could have parties around the pool, barbecues, or just sit, read books and chill out.

A large self catering cottage with its own swimming pool and gardens is perfect accommodation when away on holiday with family and friends - everyone has enough space to avoid friction and a calm atmosphere is maintained when sitting around the pool. A combination of sunshine and water is always a good mix for a successful holiday. Think of the fun everyone can have if they bring a beach ball, a lilo or two or an entertaining inflatable. Kids would be the most appreciative.




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