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cottage sleeps 12 with a hot tub

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Cottages sleep 12
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sleep 12

sleep 12

Cottages for 12 with a hot tub


For all those souls who like to be sociable whilst enjoying massaging bubble jets in hot tubs, a holiday cottage for twelve people with its own hot tub may be the ideal way to relax and spend leisure time together. A little pampering goes a long way to making people feel good.



Hot tubs, aslo referred to as spas, can be either indoor or outdoor. The majority are outdoor with self catering cottages and houses, often housed in a gazebo that allows good views of the surrounding countryside or gardens.

Guest satying in holiday cottages usually need to sign a disclaimer before using a hot tub because they may be unsafe for anyone with a heart condition or pregnant women. Guests are usually requested not to drink in the hot tub. The idea of bubbling away with a glass of wine in hand sounds pleasant but it could be a potential hazard should a glass get broken. Just be sensible and use a hot tub wisely, it is worth it for mood enhancement and the added enjoyment it brings to a holiday.




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