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sleep 12

Cottages for 12 in the countryside


A self catering cottage break in the country is synonymous with escape, retreat and privacy. Many larger cottages that can accommodate 12 or more people are set within their own private grounds ensuring privacy for the occupants.


Cottages for 12 in the country - self catering breaks in beautiful rural places

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The country is the perfect location for a party weekend. Rent a large house to sleep you and your friends away from any neighbours and you can party until the cows come home without annoying anyone with excessive noise.

Recover the following day in a peaceful cottage garden, reclining on sun loungers, What could possibly be better?

Sometimes getting to your cottage in the country once you have booked it can be an adventure. GPS systems are the best way of finding a country cottage down miles of winding lanes. It is especially important to arrive before dark, when you can still look out for landmarks, because the chances are that there wont be anyone around the ask the way.

Rural counties such as Herefordshire in England or a remote part of Scotland can be tricky in finding specific addresses and many GPS system do not recognise farm names. Ireland poses another problem in locating cottages by GPS because they do not have postcodes in the Irish Republic.



So many beautiful rural settings for a cottage holiday

When booking a self catering cottage break for 12 or more, it is important to consider everyone's point of view and to plan ahead. People would soon get bored in sitting in a cottage or the gardens day after day, unless it is for a weekend break.

Research events and places of local interest. Cottage owners usually have a collection of tourist information literature to hand to give you some ideas about what you might like to see and do but it's easier if you know in advance and are prepared.

For example, you and your group of friends may wish to go walking in the hills, in which case it is useful to come with walking boots, ordnance survey map and backpacks for drinks and a packed lunch.

If you fancy a spot of fishing then permits may have to be obtained. Irrespective of where you take your self catering group holiday, it pays to know what there is to do in the area to make the most of it and you would hate to miss the highlights of a destination.


Country life and self catering

There are common sense rules to abide by when holidaying in the country. Most people are aware that they need to close gates to fields when they have been through and not to discard their litter because it may injure animals. A self catering holiday in the country can be quite an adventure for city folk and the extent of modernisation and use of robotics enlightening. Cows milked robotically take themselves off to the milking shed when they feel the need and farmers plough absolutely straight furrows automatically using GPS and electronics - they can set the tractor going then sit back and enjoy the ride.



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