cottages sleep 12

Cottages sleeping 12 in ireland

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Cottages sleep 12
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sleep 12

sleep 12

Cottages for twelve people in Ireland to rent for holidays


Chatty, friendly Ireland is the place to holiday if you want humour, banter and a relaxed style of life.

There are lovely beaches all around the coast. the beach on the left is in County Kerry, south west Ireland. The Irish tend to call self catering cottages or holiday rentals, holiday homes. each country has its own terminology. the Americans call them vacation rentals in Ireland!



A self catering cottage break in Ireland would be brilliant with a group of people. think of all the after hours merriment in the pub with a good crowd. Ireland is not as cheap as it once used to be, especially in the Republic which has the Euro. Self catering in a rented holiday home makes things hat bit cheaper and not too much hassle if there is a rota for the group to take turns to cook and wash up afterwards.

With the right mix of people, a cottage break in Ireland could be amazing. Ireland is known for its golf courses, salmon fishing - indeed some people go there specially to fish.




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