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sleep 12

sleep 12

Cottages for 12 by the sea


The beach on the left is in Coverack in Cornwall, a very pleasant self catering holiday destination with a good number of cottages to rent for holidays.

Seaside holidays are easy, the main attraction is the beach and people go with the idea of sunbathig, swimming and watersports.

Family seaside breaks are popular because apart from monitoring, children will amuse themselves on a beach, digging in the sand, searching for sea shells, paddling, clambering into rock pools, playing beach games and generally having hours of fun.

Families are not as big as they once were a generation or two ago, so most families require two to three bedroom cottages. However, sometimes families may go on holiday with another family they are friendly with and need that cottages to sleep 12, or perhaps their close relatives such as grandparents also come along.

Inevitably family seaside breaks entail transporting a large amount of items that will be required on th beach; towels alone are bulky and heavy. then there are all the buckets and spades and beach toys, mats to lie on, windbreaks, sun lotions and a collections of other things. It is wise to invest in a wheeled trolley to easily transport all these items for your holiday cottage, or car if you drove to the beach. There are trendy collapsible box trolleys that can be used for a variety of purposes. The very best option is to rent a holiday cottage on the beach but there aren't that many of those about.


Cottages to rent for 12 people or more by the sea in the UK

Seaside towns in popular locations in England, such as the WeSt Country, can be very congested and parking difficult. The same applies to the north coast of Wales, where thousands descend on Llandudno, Rhyl and Prestatyn. Some of th best and least populated beaches are in Scotland. The weather may be cooler generally but when ther eis a hot day, there is no better place to be at the seaside. Ireland is also less busy and fraught. there are superb beaches all around the coast of Ireland. Go to County Kerry or County Cork to benefit most from the warm currents of the Gulf Stream. the scenery is magnificent, there are dolphins and whales to spot in season.

Cottages by the sea to rent for 12 in Ireland

If you want hot weather and long sunny days guaranteed then you have to go abroad for your seaside holiday. It is more likley that you will have hot days on the beach around the Mediterranean in the summer than in the UK. There are plenty of villas to rent abroad, just find a villa that meets your desires and book those flights. Nowadays it pays to book flights far in advance to obtain best deals. the days of last minute bargains are over.

Villas by the sea abroad to rent


We hope you have a wonderful holiday in seaside cottages whether you stay in the UK, go to Ireland or venture abroad.



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