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Large cottages for 12 people abroad


Taking a group holiday abroad is a different experience from holidaying in the UK on so many levels. People are often more excited by going somewhere completely different.

Travel arrangements are slightly more complicated in that passports are involved and timetables to adhere to. People need to be able to obtain and use foreign currency.

There are many personal requirements to take into consideration when booking accommodation for a group; the bed configurations, ability to climb stairs, allergies - if anyone is allergic to pets, avoid self catering accommodation that allows dogs, and so on. It is important to use common sense and book accommodation abroad in the same way as one would in the UK; read the terms and conditions of booking, pay by credit card where possible and obtain insurance for the trip.

View villas and holiday cottages abroad for that something different.


self catering holidays PolandA self catering holiday abroad can be a real adventure. The style of holiday rentals may be different depending on your destination. The large log cabin style on the left is in Poland, eastern Europe where there are many log cabins for holidays in the mountainous area in the south of the country.

Things to do in the south of Poland include hill walking, rafting through the Dunajec Gorge, skiing and snowboarding in winter.

The city of Cracow is highly esteemed for short breaks. Visit all year round to see the Old Square, Castle and cathedral, salt mines, Christmas Market and perhaps take in a festival or two.


Madeira for self catering holiday apartmentsMadeira is a holiday island with a temperate climate all year round. Level with north Africa, Madeira does not experience frost or extreme heat making it an ideal climate for flowers and shrubs. The scent of magnolia is heavenly, there are bright orange flashes of bird of paradise flowers growing wild and orchids are common.

Wide drainage channels called levadas crisscross the island and are used for walking when its not raining. There is dramatic scenery everywhere on the island with mountains dropping steeply to the sea. A network of roads and some of the tallest bridges anywhere, combined with underground tunnels make travelling by car in Madeira an amazing experience. The hillsides are terraced and all growth is lush and verdant.

Visit Madeira to enjoy its beaches, visit the volcanic centre and lava tunnels, its colourful botanic and bird parks, ride the cable car and enjoy fresh seafood. There is plenty of holiday accommodation in Madeira, in apartments and holiday villas.

Malta is another amazing holiday island, this time in the Mediterranean. Because Britain protected the Maltese during WWII, there is a long standing friendship between the Maltese and British. Anyone interested in WWII history would love touring Malta, viewing monuments, exhibitions, the Grand Harbour and see the underground caves where the people took shelter during bombing raids.

Old buses last a long time in Malta and although they date back several decades, transport people in a certain style around the island. Visit the ancient city of Mdina, surrounded by thick city walls which is famous for its art glass and crusader history. Enjoy days by the sea sunbathing, sailing and swimming. Take a boat trip to the neighbouring small island of Gozo to swim in the blue lagoon.



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