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Cottages sleep 12
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sleep 12

sleep 12

5 star cottages for 12 people


Find amazing luxurious holiday cottage that are big enough to sleep twelve people comfortably. 5 star self catering is a holiday experience on a higher level. Not only does one expect the accommodation to be supremely comfortable, spacious and attractive but also fresh flowers and little welcoming touches to greet new guests.



Renting 5 star holiday accommodation is an expensive business, if one expects the best, one should also expect to pay for it. A gourmet kitchen equipped with the latest Miele white goods is very nice to have and there are people who live at that standard and therefore expect the same or better on holiday.

For those who live in less luxury than the holiday home they are renting, a taste of luxury is something special - a treat. Most of us enjoy a little pampering and like to aspire to the better things in life. A little luxury does not go amiss.

The only time that it is not advisable to rent luxury 5 star self catering accommodation is when several children are part of the group. Children can be messy and destructive and the two do not always mix. Being anxious about the behaviour of children when surrounded by fine china does not make for a happy holiday.

If you rent a 5 star luxury cottage for a special occasion, let it be known that it is adult only.


A damage deposit is invariably taken for self catering cottage rentals and the person responsible for paying for any damage is the group leader who signs the contractual agreement with the cottage owner. You may have planned a luxurious weekend break for your closest friends but take care that they do not ruin for you.

This is easier to deal with when a large group shares the costs because each can pay their own share of the potentially refundable damage deposit. The damage deposit may be used to pay for cleaning red wine stains on carpets or excessive soiling. Do check terms and conditions before booking so that you can feel equally happy after your luxury break.


The term luxury is subjective, what is luxurious to one person may not be to another. We all have different lifestyles and different expectations. If a self catering cottage has a 5 star Tourist Board rating then one can assume that it meets the criteria for luxury accommodation laid down by that tourist board. The situation becomes even more complex when international properties are included.

The best way to judge whether a holiday cottage or apartment is luxurious is to carefully study the photographs and details. There are cottages with fine Egyptian cotton bed linen that are not classed as luxury, cottages with a sauna and hot tub that are not 5 star. Would you be disappointed if your luxury cottage did not have a coffee machine?

The best thing is to judge whether the luxury cottage meets your requirements and whether you are prepared to pay the rental price.



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